Tapas and Wine On a Rainy Night in Logrono, Spain

As a creative it is so important to explore and play away from work. That’s why I found myself recharging my creative batteries with tapas and wine on a rainy night in Logrono, Spain. I loved being here. Roaming the narrow streets of Logrono, Spain under the drizzle of a cool rain. Ducking into one of many bars and restaurants for tapas/pintxos and a glass of wine. The energy of people crowded together, sharing, laughing and telling stories was amazing! It was one of those times in my life that I relished being alive for one more day. Can’t blame it all on the wine either. The food was great and the people were super warm and friendly, full of laughter and #joiedevive! Found myself saying, ‘Thank you, God!” and “Next”…..The following are pics from this day. Vale!


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