Sold My Car Yesterday….

I was amazed at the emotional connection and feelings of love, joy and deep gratitude I felt as I walked away from it. Thoughts of drives to and from with my girls knowing they were growing and different each time they got in and out. All the photo shoots with my car loaded with gear, allowing me to be creative and earn a living. Often standing on top of it as a platform for me and my tripod. I thought of many good times jamming to loud music with family, friends and especially my girls. The lectures. The laughter. Holding hands as we drove from one event to another. And the many times the Wonder Woman stickers the girls put on my sun visor greeted me with a needed reminder of who we are. All these feelings of love, joy and gratitude I am clearly projecting on my car. Lol! #truelove projected onto the world…Thank you my #hondaodyssey, my #loyalfaithfulfriend. You’ve been #TRUE.

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