Recent Work: Sky Wave Bridge at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport

What an adventure this project was. Client: Laurie Lundquist (Artist, Sky Wave Bridges) and Broward Cultural Division. I know you can appreciate how interesting it is to be at an airport with so many diverse people coming and going. Their gestures and body language speaking volumes and providing limitless opportunity for story-telling. All connected to the passing of time. It is fascinating to watch how all of this takes place in and around these large scale architectural structures at Fort Lauderdale International Airport. This airport is evolving daily and it is amazing to watch at any hour as light flows through the terminals, parking garages and run ways. Because of this project, I was able to visit the airport many times and at all hours of the day and night. Loved this mission! Thanks Christina E. Roldan, Public Art Project Manager, Broward County Cultural Division, Public Art & Design Program and Laurie Lundquist for making our public spaces more interesting and beautiful. I believe we are all elevated thru their work and the architects and developers of public spaces.

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