Present Moment Beautiful Moment

‘Quietly Observe the Sharp Edges’

Currently, it seems that it is in everyones best interest to nurture creative impulses, regardless of one’s job or personal situation. Great time to discover unimagined opportunities for creativity and service in every aspect of life.

At last I have time for ongoing project, #PresentMomentBeautifulMoment, a photographic #botanicalstudy exploring #presence. Each image is produced by interacting with the natural environment. Through presence botanical items emerge. I interact with them by using a black cloth to separate them from their environment. After isolating and photographing the plant or tree or flower on location, I continue the process in post production. It’s fun! I lose track of time. My favorite part is how the image usually represents some type of metaphor for life or something that is relevant to me. Like the photo above, ‘quietly observe the sharp edges of life growing in all directions’. Haha! These are the type of thoughts I have while interacting with botanical items. I think it’s mother nature speaking to me. The reward is usually a startling, often simple image that informs me and that I do not tire of looking at. I love looking at these images as a group. I’m aiming for a wall with about one hundred of these images.

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