Photographing Friends

As a photographer I have always photographed my friends and family. Unfortunately because of my busy schedule and limited time, I do this less and less. That’s why I was so happy when Sophie needed some photos for her new website, I was so happy to spend this time with her. It was like ‘stopping to smell the roses’. Being in her beautiful garden among her treasured objects, I was filled with appreciation and love for this beautiful soul whose purpose it is to assist in the healing of others. I love these images of her. This has inspired in me a desire to spend time like this with all of the people I love. Stay tuned for more portraits….

Sophie is a wonderful Ayurvedic Practitioner. Sophie provides relief and resolve of many ailments including low back pain, muscle spasms , fatigue and insomnia without the use of medications, providing an alternative for those who prefer holistic medicine.


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