I met Teodora Katelieva in 2007. Someone referred me to ‘the best trainer’ in the world. It’s been a long time and she’s still my ‘trainer’. She has a great sense of humor, but takes her job seriously. Her no bullshit theology keeps me grounded and connected to my own power and strength. Covid came, and without skipping a beat, she’s finding ways to take care of business and continue serving her clients. No self pity, no complaining. Onward. Here she is showing me one of her new tools. I could write a book about the lessons she’s helped me learn, but I want to share only the most relevant ones. “No one is going to rescue you.” “Is it one day, or is it day one?” “Accept it and keep moving.” 

Teodora Katelieva holding an ipad with her image on it illustrating how she is using new tools to take care  of business and help clients.

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