Recent Work: Joe Dimaggio Childrens Hospital Wellington

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Tapas and Wine On a Rainy Night in Logrono, Spain

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As a creative it is so important to explore and play away from work. That’s why I found myself recharging my creative batteries with tapas and wine on a rainy night in Logrono, Spain. I loved being here. Roaming the narrow streets of Logrono, Spain under the drizzle of a cool rain. Ducking into one of many bars and restaurants for tapas/pintxos and a glass of wine. The energy of people crowded together, sharing, laughing and telling stories was amazing! It was one of those times in my life that I relished being alive for one more day. Can’t blame […]

Sold My Car Yesterday….

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I was amazed at the emotional connection and feelings of love, joy and deep gratitude I felt as I walked away from it. Thoughts of drives to and from with my girls knowing they were growing and different each time they got in and out. All the photo shoots with my car loaded with gear, allowing me to be creative and earn a living. Often standing on top of it as a platform for me and my tripod. I thought of many good times jamming to loud music with family, friends and especially my girls. The lectures. The laughter. Holding […]

Recent Work: Sky Wave Bridge at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport

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What an adventure this project was. Client: Laurie Lundquist (Artist, Sky Wave Bridges) and Broward Cultural Division. I know you can appreciate how interesting it is to be at an airport with so many diverse people coming and going. Their gestures and body language speaking volumes and providing limitless opportunity for story-telling. All connected to the passing of time. It is fascinating to watch how all of this takes place in and around these large scale architectural structures at Fort Lauderdale International Airport. This airport is evolving daily and it is amazing to watch at any hour as light flows through […]

Recent Work: Human Kinetics Book Project

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Recent photoshoot for book project by Human Kinetics, Your Workout Perfected, by Nick Tumminello. Being in a gym feels like home to me. You wouldn’t necessarily know it by looking at me, but the gym and/or what it represents have always been close to my heart. That’s why I love photographing athletes. Witnessing the passion, dedication and the blessings of a fitness lifestyle.  Always something to aspire to. And can you believe this guy, Korin Sutton, is a vegan body-builder? Healthy, clean eating looks goooood to me… I made these gifs just for the fun of adding motion. Lately I […]

Do You Think You Know Why You Are a Creative? Ha!

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In 2009 MMGY Global hired me to shoot lifestyle images for a resort in Pensacola, Florida. The images were to be used for their new black and white ad campaign. Excited about the opportunity to shoot B&W, my crew and I arrived at the resort to find that the weather for the next week would be stormy and gray. However, the team and I agreed that since it was a black and white campaign, we might be able to be productive anyway, so we stuck to the shoot schedule.  As it turned out, the weather wasn’t the only thing that […]