Present Moment Beautiful Moment

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Currently, it seems that it is in everyones best interest to nurture creative impulses, regardless of one’s job or personal situation. Great time to discover unimagined opportunities for creativity and service in every aspect of life. At last I have time for ongoing project, #PresentMomentBeautifulMoment, a photographic #botanicalstudy exploring #presence. Each image is produced by interacting with the natural environment. Through presence botanical items emerge. I interact with them by using a black cloth to separate them from their environment. After isolating and photographing the plant or tree or flower on location, I continue the process in post production. It’s […]

Photographing Friends

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As a photographer I have always photographed my friends and family. Unfortunately because of my busy schedule and limited time, I do this less and less. That’s why I was so happy when Sophie needed some photos for her new website, I was so happy to spend this time with her. It was like ‘stopping to smell the roses’. Being in her beautiful garden among her treasured objects, I was filled with appreciation and love for this beautiful soul whose purpose it is to assist in the healing of others. I love these images of her. This has inspired […]

Photographing Flowers

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Almost everything has its pros and cons, its upside and downside, right? When it comes to photographing flowers, can you think of one downside? I can’t. For me, it was just a parade of beauty, joy and wonder. Each flower and each arrangement magnificent examples of creation, color, texture, design and form. Each one a miracle. Of course, I cannot fail to mention the talented and joyful family that makes flowers their business, Emma Borrell and her family at Kings Creek Florist. It was lovely to be with them.      

Global Wake Up Call

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Many of us were sitting pretty and comfortable, surrounded by abundance of every kind. Then, on this inevitable day, Mother Nature whispered a wake up call that sounded like wind and rain (or fire, tornado, earthquake and flood). Suddenly, we saw that what was there was all different or gone. Some of us are now shell shocked due to the absence or change of what we took for granted. Specifically, the inter-connectedness of our relationships, our environment, our health, our family, friends, business partners, the power grid, water and fuel sources and our economy. Our eyes have been opened. Thankfully, the remnants that remain […]